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Part of Jersey shore burned down




Businesses on a scenic part of the Jersey Shore were recently torched. The New York Times reports that a massive blaze broke out at the Boardwalk in Seaside Park and quickly moved to the nearby Boardwalk of Seaside Heights because of powerful winds blowing to the north.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie estimated that 20 businesses were destroyed before firefighters were able to contain the situation. According to CBS News, however, other officials put the number closer to 50 destroyed companies. The fire was able to cover about six square blocks between 2 and 8 p.m. In total, 30 towns sent 400 firefighters to the Jersey Shore because of the fire.

Business owners were devastated by the blaze. A little less than a year ago, company leaders in the area were hit by Hurricane Sandy and some were just starting to recover. For instance, Rory Delaney, co-owner of a commercial facility, told the news source that the building's basement was just repaired after reopening in July.

Other business operators were sure that the situation was dire as soon as it began. Bubba DeMuro, owner of Bubba's Doghouse, explained to CBS News that he was sure that fire would cause widespread damage.

"As the wind blew, I didn't want to believe it, but I knew, I knew that that whole thing was gonna go up," DeMuro said.

Borough Administrator Bob Martucci estimates that it'll cost at least $600,000 to repair the boardwalk. Businesses will not be covered by the borough and Martucci wouldn't comment on those potential costs.

Surprisingly few injuries
Despite the fact that two boardwalks were on fire for approximately 6 hours, there was very little human damage. Even more surprisingly, none of the injuries were caused by the actual fire. CBS News explains that three police officers were hurt "when they fell from an emergency vehicle." The victims weren't mortally wounded.

Because the blaze began in the early afternoon, there was a very high risk of employees, tourists and other people getting hurt. Business owners who want to prevent such cases should invest in employee notification systems, such as uAlert from Amerilert. The emergency communication platform allows company leaders to tell their workers what to do in the event of a massive fire. By implementing a reliable staff notification system, business operators can keep people safe, even during catastrophic events.

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