Safe Towns

Keep your citizens safe and connected


Amerilert Safe Towns is the most comprehensive suite of municipal safety communication services available. From one intuitive interface, it unites an award-winning emergency notification system, text-a-tip service, info hotline, crisis collaboration tool, and more.

Award-Winning Emergency Notification System

Keep your citizens informed and out of harm’s way. Whether you need to communicate weather warnings, road closures, Amber Alerts, or other emergencies. Learn more.


Harness the power of your citizens. Allow them to conveniently send text messages to your PSAP, dispatch center or police department. Learn more.

Instant Crisis Collaboration

Instantly collaborate during a crisis with ad hoc conference calling. Unlike a scheduled teleconference, reach your team wherever they are located, whenever you need them. Learn more.

Emergency Info Hotline

Offer an emergency information hotline accessible to thousands of callers at the same time. Learn more.


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